The band Viral was founded in 2012, playing mainly classic hard rock and New Wave of British Heavy Metal. However, influences from a wide range of metal started to take shape early on, creating the unique blend of old and modern metal that Viral plays today. Since the start Viral has tried many different genres of metal, including NWOBHM, thrash metal, power metal and traditional hard rock.

When Viral was just getting started the band rehearsed in a building due for demolition. Not the perfect environment to say the least and to put it shortly: it wasn’t beautiful. Frankly, the building was falling apart. However, the band never did and luckily times change! Today Viral is an ambitious band with a passion to share what they do and to explore what the world of music has to offer.



Albin is the band vocalist, emerged from and moulded by the deep woods of Ydre. Inspired by heavy metal, melodic metal and good old hard rock Albin is ready to take the stage whenever and wherever given the opportunity. As a true optimist with an uncontrollable passion, Albin is the kind of guy who would most likely stage dive, even if there was no one to catch him


Larri is the band rhythm/lead guitarist, and he is practically married to his hat. With influences from New Wave of British Heavy Metal, thrash metal and hard rock he always has a new riff up his sleeve...even when you just want him to stop playing already.


Johan is the bass player and back-up singer of the band, and also its one and unrivaled hoverboard enthusiast. If you don't see him rolling along the streets of Linköping with great haste, he is probably obsessing over the latest Slash-record, sound engineering or roaming the stores in search of yet another guitar to his evergrowing collection. With influences from hardrock, funk and folk music and a burning passion for music, Johan is a great addition to the band.


Marcus is the band rhythm and lead guitarist with influences from thrash metal, heavy metal and melodic death metal, making him a versatile guitar player. An urban legend says that Marcus will somehow transform without his coffee, however no one has ever dared to try it out.


Rickard is the band’s crazy drummer who will always entertain, and he has the fills to prove it. With influences from thrash, progressive- and heavy metal he always keeps it interesting, surprisingly enough, he manages to do so even when he is not drumming.